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Brain Burps

Posted on: November 4, 2010

Would we be so willing to believe our every thought was the absolute truth if we knew it was just our brain burping?  Try it on for a minute, whatever you are thinking right now, think of it as your brain burping.  Besides making you smile (I hope), does it also give you a feeling of lightness and detachment from that thought?  Now perhaps you aren’t seeking lightness or detachment when you have the thought, “It looks cold outside today”.  But what if you had the thought “If I don’t find a job this week I’m probably going to become homeless”.  Go ahead.  Think about that one and then realize your brain just released a big juicy burp.  Ughh.  Besides the fact that you can almost smell the grossness of it, it’s pretty hard to take yourself seriously while your brain is burping away.


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