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Selfishness or Integrity?

Posted on: December 6, 2011

I was planning on attending that meeting tonight.  I imagined myself sitting with this particular group and wondered to myself, what do I want to contribute at this meeting or what do I want to contribute to the event they are planning?  I thought about the volunteer opportunities involved.  I had whole body “no’s” to taking a leadership role this time.  I had a full body “yes” to agreeing to show up for the event and help out the whole day.  The thing is, I know I have great leadership skills.  I’ve been there, done that, and I really like to lead.  I also want to be fully engaged and use my leadership skills doing something I feel passionate about.  So, there are times I say no.  I have a few moments, well, maybe a few more, where I consider the “I should because” way of thinking.  But I am so clear that when I say yes because I think I should instead of saying yes from that organic absolute “yes I want to” place, I create stress for myself.  I create stress because I am out of integrity, doing something for the wrong reasons instead of honoring my own knowing of what I want.  I have an absolute no to doing that.


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