Thrive Relationship Coaching


I’m a Hendricks Institute Certified Conscious Relationship and Life Coach who is committed to inspiring empowerment and transformation for all my clients.  My life is filled with examples of transformation…..I have been an R.N., a Licensed Psychologist,  a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, a Master Gardener, and a stay at home mom before landing on the work that has deep meaning and enjoyment for me… current work as a Life Coach.  I have been happily married for more than 34 years and our marriage has benefitted especially from my training at the Hendricks Institute in relationship coaching so I know these tools work!  I teach skills to my relationship clients that foster real intimacy for couples. You will learn how to bring your full authenticity and 100% responsibility to your relationship and take delicious ownership of your own life.You will savor your full creative power and forge a life that is meaningful to you.  Caution: May result in a warm, intimate and loving relationship with your partner and yourself as well as loving self awareness, playfulness, feelings of integrity and peace of mind.



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