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I’m excited to announce another “Conscious Mamas” coaching group is forming to begin this spring in Ann Arbor. This is an invitation for curious women who are also mothers who love their kids AND want to have more fun with mothering  and all that it involves.  Mothers interested in being real and taking personal responsibilty for designing their life,  in particular their mothering life and having a lot of fun while learning.

Being a mother is deeply heart and soul satisfying.  It’s also filled with competing demands, unending busyness and frequent feelings of stress.  We carry around many “stories”, beliefs about what it means to be a “good mother” that  impact our daily life and how we feel about how we’re doing our job.  We compare ourselves to other mothers, judge ourselves and worry about whether we are “doing it right”.  Learning to be a “Conscious Mama” is about lovingly growing your awareness about how you are currently “doing” your parenting and consciously choosing how you really want to be.  It’s about being a whole person, authentic and fully loving and accepting of all of you while also being a wife and mother.

Every woman deserves a group.  A group where she can totally be herself and be loved and supported when she’s “messy” with overwhelm or excited about her accomplishments.  A group where she can share authentically about how she feels, what she thinks and where she might be stuck.  A group where she can always leave with practical skills to use everyday to make her life less stressful and happier.  A group where commitment to personal growth and openness to learning is the foundation for transformation.

Don’t settle for just getting through life.  You have one life and this is it.  Why not learn how to do your life in a way that feels heart and soul satisfying and not just okay?

Accepting inquiries now for spring 2011 group: or 734-476-7411


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