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My friend Diane invited me to go to a networking event.  I said yes right away, seeing it as another invitation from the universe to step out of my comfort zone and share my passion for my coaching work with the world.   As the time neared however, I felt that familiar sensation of unease in my belly and several times had the thought, “I don’t want to do this!” (yes, quick run the other way, fear is here!)  I’m happy to report that in spite of feeling afraid,  I attended my first ever women’s networking event the other night AND lived to write about it.  What, you mean feeling afraid won’t kill me?  I know this sounds silly because of course we all know this.  Yet, more often than not, we AVOID doing things that create feelings of fear in us (anything unfamiliar!) This tends to make whatever we are avoiding even more powerful and scary in our minds so that we continue to AVOID.  If we don’t face into our fear, breath and do it anyway, we never get to learn that actually that it wasn’t actually so scary after all.

I want to appreciate Tammy Burgess, owner of  Women Making Connections, who was the organizer of this event.  Tammy is very gifted at being warmly supportive while at the same time firmly AND gently nudging women business owners to make connections with other women to grow their businesses.  Not only did I get to meet other brave and passionate women, but I took one step further towards adding this type of milieu to my comfort zone.  Go, me!


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